Special Session: Cross-Disciplinary Applications of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is said to be the core of the fourth industrial revolution. Along with the latest development of modern Internet technology and multimedia technical, Artificial Intelligence research has emerged a number of new challenging issues. AI has captured enormous attention in many area and disciplines, which is an edge of line disciplines that is used to simulate the process of human thought.

AI includes disciplines such as applied statistics, data mining, pattern recognition, machine learning, deep learning, probabilistic methods, medical image analysis, neural networks, and genetic algorithms, etc. Scientists who are in many different professional backgrounds get some new thoughts process and new methodologies in the fields of AI. As a branch of computer science, these systems are showing a human intelligence and behavior characteristics.

AI expert system for sub as a branch of AI has entered a stage of practical application in various departments on the national economy and government as well as many aspects of social life in sociology to play a role and continue moving in the direction of in-breadth and in-depth development. When applying AI to solve a problem, it is often beneficial to leverage techniques from more than one of these disciplines and sub-disciplines.

This special session: Cross-Disciplinary Applications of Artificial Intelligence provides a common platform for researchers to present theoretical and applied research findings for enhancing and developing intelligent systems. Through its discussions of advances in and applications of artificial intelligence, this session highlights core concepts in biometric imagery, feature recognition, and other related fields, along with their applicability.

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Keywords: Cross-Disciplinary, Artificial Intelligence(AI), The Fourth Industrial Revolution(4IR), Applications, Genetic Algorithms, Data Mining, Neural Networks, Applied Statistics

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